Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Local Deli-Victoria Park Village

I'm so happy that places like this are popping up all over the place, there is something intensely satisfying about shunning the supermarkets in favour of local businesses. You know you are going to get fantastic, handpicked, fresh produce of the highest quality. Victoria Park Village is becoming a hub of traditional type shops that know their stuff.

At The Deli Downstairs there is an abundance of brightly coloured jars and packets filling the shelves, plus a very tempting deli counter serving homemade pies stuffed full of chicken and ham, delicious cooked meats and specialist cheeses. In fact when I popped in I overheard them explaining how the brie was currently at 'its optimum'. The talk of a true affineur! Even my search for vanilla pods for a Pavlova recipe was met with a choice from Madagascar or Tahiti.

Fresh artesian breads, organic vegetables, olives and chutneys are also displayed enticingly around the shop. Just look how delicious those tomatoes look, Jamie would be very happy!
What a fab find. The Deli Downstairs is such a treat, an Aladdin's cave of edible goodies served with a smile, you don't get that very often in your average supermarket! Buy local and support your high streets. GG x 

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