Saturday, 25 June 2011

Live from the (muddy) fields of Glastonbury

We have word from our Glasto Gal and we're ignoring the envy to bring you the news from the front line. The sun is finally shining and the lucky girl has been VIPizzling in the orange tent next to Example. Next it's Jessie J. Well Jel!

As well as partying, Glasto Gal has been on the lookout for some super stylish fesival goers. We love this dungeree/peasant top combo, especially with this chic plait, a great way to overcome festival hair. And this mask is totally rocking. Well, a festival's not a festival without a bit of fancy dress.

Late into the night it's fantasy fun from the spectacle that is Block9, Glasto's infamous 'naughty corner'. Block9 is 'a late night wonderland of breathtaking creations and serious soundsystems'. When the bands have finished on the Pyramid & Other Stage this is the place to party from sunset to sunrise. Featuring Horse Meat Disco at The NYC Downlow (a life-size ruin of a New York tenement building). As well as Dalston's own VogueFabrics presenting a kinky backroom disco. Party time!

Thanks Glasto Gal, we're looking forward to the next installment...... GG x

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